20 Best Singapore Business Directories for Citations and Backlinks

Best Business Directory Singapore

Getting your new business details listed onto online Business Directories is on of the very first things you should do to get your business exposure. Furthermore, Local Business Directories give your website an additional SEO boost in your Google Rankings.

Benefits of listing on a Singapore Business Directory

Just like the 80’s, when people look for services and goods on the yellow pages, customers and buyers look at business directories for contacts and recommendations. Certainly, the effectiveness of direct sales and leads from Business directories have diminished over the years. However, there are still good benefits to get listed.

Increase Website Traffic

It is widely believed that Google tend not to take your website seriously until at least at the 6 month mark. Known as the Google Sandbox, you can expect almost zero organic traffic to your website for a new website without any sort of marketing. And listing on a Business directory is a low cost way to increase some traffic for your website. Furthermore, listing in trade related directories is especially useful for B2B businesses.

Local Citations and Backlinks

A citation is a mention of your business details such as Company Name, address and Phone Number. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Google ranks your website on a variety of factors and having your company information mentioned in a variety of business directories emphasizes that information.

A Backlink is simply a web hyperlink that references to your website. Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Searh Engine Optimisation. Viewed as a vote of confidence in the trust and quality of your website content, with all other factors being equal Google tend to rank the website with the most quality backlinks higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). With more backlinks, your website could outrank your competitor.

Sales Leads and Enquiries

As mentioned earlier, direct leads and enquiries via exposure to a business directory has diminished over the years as users tend to search directly on Google. But could be very useful for B2B businesses. Listing in a niche or trade related directory could give you more direct result of your efforts versus listing in a general business directory.

Top 20 Singapore Business Directories List

Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 20 Business Directories in Singapore for listing your business deatils and website links.

Name of DirectoryLink TypeAlexa RankDomain Authority(DA)
The Gridnofollow51055415
Times Directorydofollow134016124
Yellow Pages SMEnofollow97490225
Grow Businessnofollow70514712
Hot Frogdofollow41257833
Enroll Buisnessnofollow2371744
Smart Expatfollow25191132
Local Biz Networkno link13079326
Expat.comno link1640063
Enter Singaporenofollow112525828
Singapore SMEnolink140570016
Singapore Advicenolink6520009
Directory SGnofollow117384310
Anglo Infofollow3730564

Link Type – refers to whether the hyperlink to your website is a follow or nofollow link. A follow link implies that Google’s web crawlers will follow the link to your website and technically pass some “link juice” as they call it, to your website. While a nofollow link does not. But do not worry about the type of link, as Google had announced that going forward, nofollow links will, in fact, carry some weight.

Alexa Rank – Created by Alexa, an amazon, web analytics company, this rank score estimates how popular a website is. The lower the rank score, the better.

Domain Authority – Widely used in the SEO community, Domain Authority (DA) is a metric system devised by MOZ that measures a website’s ability to rank in terms of the number and quality of it’s backlinks. It measures websites on a 100-point logarithmic scale. The higher the DA, the stronger a website is.


So there you have it! The list of Directories for Singapore Businesses. While SEO isn’t a hard science (and algorithms change all the time), creating backlinks and citations on Business directories is a basic but proven technique to increase some visibility for your website and  business. And of course, having a beautiful SEO friendly Website Design does not hurt. Contact us for a chat about your website project.