8 Reasons Why you Need a Website for your Business

why create a website for your business

Businesses today needs an online presence. And there is none other more effective than a having your own website. However, many entrepreneurs do not give priority to website development when starting out. The usual reasons for not doing so are because of limited budget and time. And more often than not, its the latter.

A Website should be your first priority.

According to the latest data available from data.gov.sg, in 2016, 75% of small to medium businesses in Singapore have an online presence. And as of January 2019, over 90,000 .com.sg domains are registered with Singapore network Information Centre (SGNIC). Obviously businesses know the need and importance of a website.

Why every Business needs a Website

It does not really matter which industry your business operates in. Or even your company size. If you intend to start or grow your business, having a website from the get-go can only be beneficial to you. But what are the benefits of having a website and why do you need one? If you are considering (or convincing your boss) on website design or revamp for your business, here’s 7 compelling reasons why.

1. Branding

Its all about creating and conveying your Brand.

Just like a product may convey its Brand image with attractive packaging, a website conveys the overall impression of your enterprise. Be it serious and reliable or fun and friendly, a good website design complements and enhances your overall company image. And with consistent application of your Brand language and visual identity, your Company image is strengthened further.

2. Conveys credibility

Believe it or not. Trust is created by just having a website. Especially if you are eligible for a restricted domain name. For example, a “.com.sg” domain name is limited to registered businesses in Singapore. Furthermore, you can publish articles and case studies convince your visitors of your expertise and to establish thought leadership and authority within your industry niche.

3. Get found on Google

When looking for a service or product online, you’ll probably turn to Google. Everyone does. And seldom do you see a social media page listed prominently on Google. Because ultimately Google is essentially a search engine for websites. Furthermore, by not being on Google can cost you opportunities that might have went your way instead of to your competitor.

SEO: Example of keyword volume
Search volume of “Maid agency Singapore”

The image above shows an example of Google’s search volumes on the keyword “Maid Agency Singapore”. For any given month, relevant searches adds up to a whopping 30,000 searches. Now, imagine not having a website. The opportunity cost of being excluded from Searches is enormous! But of course, to get a good amount relevant of traffic, your website and content must be Search Engine Optimized wit the right keywords.

4. Increase productivity

Other than a full fledged eCommerce platform, a website also be programmed for a variety of functions. For example, for a hair salon, your website can be programmed to make online appointments for your hair stylists in different time-slots. Or allow table reservations in a restaurant. Or to manage facilities bookings with a payment option. The possibilities are endless!

5. Convince readers into customers

According to Forrester, most buyers prefer to research online by themselves before considering any vendor. So obviously, you need a website and relevant content to convince potential customers. A website with a Content Management System will allow you to attach videos, publish info-graphics, and case studies to convert visitors into paying customers.

Today’s business buyers are increasingly self-directed: 60% prefer not to interact with a sales rep as the primary source of information; 68% prefer to research on their own, online; and 62% say they can now develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list — based solely on digital content. [Forrester]

6. Generate leads, sales and revenue

Businesses are all making money. For B2C businesses selling products, an eCommerce website directly contributes to your top line. Additionally, an eCommerce solution reduces the manpower and resources for selling products. And for B2B businesses, sales usually comes from increased leads via your online forms. So be sure your website features a Call to Action prominently!

7. Cheap advertising cost

Online advertising on mediums such as Facebook or Google is much cheaper than offline efforts. Not just that. The return of investment for online advertisements are measurable. And at the center of every online marketing campaign is your website. In addition to the regular web pages, craft convincing landing pages to land leads and prospects!

8. Good return on investment (ROI)

Developing a website is rather inexpensive. Of course, this can be rather subjective and it depends on the value of your services or products. Especially for B2B companies, just by closing a couple of deals from website leads would usually mean the website pays for itself. Also, coupled with online marketing efforts and search engine optimization efforts, websites can reach targeted audiences really fast. That is why companies continually invest in website landing pages and seo optimized content.


As you can see, when it comes to Branding and Marketing your Business, a Website is absolutely essential. Being a full service Web Design Agency, we can assist you in improving your web presence. And when you are ready to embark on your website development project don’t forget to drop us a line!