Gmail for Business – Custom Business Email Address using Gmail

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Gmail for Business

Frustrated with your email pro Did you know that you can use Gmail for your Business? And we are not talking about a generic address. In fact, you can use your own Custom Domain name and use Gmail as you email provider. 

For example, if your Business domain name is, you can link your domain name to Gmail to send and receive email using [email protected]

This service is called G Suite, a premium service by Google.

Get Started with G Suite 14 Day Trial for Free

G Suite – Business GMail, Video Conferencing and Calendars

Using Gmail for Business is ideal for Businesses that require large Mailbox requirements. All email data will be archived on the Google’s Cloud data servers. With that much storage, there’s literally no need to delete emails for years to come. You can also create individual email aliases and group email aliases such as [email protected]

G Suite is perfect for businesses today. Especially for Agile Businesses with remote team members.  Because, as part of G Suite, you will also have access to Premium Google services. Such as Google Drive (30 GB), Google Hangouts for Secure Team Messaging, Voice / Video Conferencing, Shared Google Calendars and Google Docs.

Essentially G Suite is not just an email platform, but a complete with collaboration tools for Businesses.


To setup Gmail service you must first own a domain name and access to alter the DNS settings of the domain. For a detailed setup guide is available.


A self-service web based Security and Administration Control panel is available once you sign up and set up G Suite. From there, you may create new email users and revoke access to those that have left your company. And an email account could be set up within minutes. There is no longer a need to wait for the IT department to create and delete emails.

For G Suite users, Google also provides a 24/7 support by Phone, Email or Online. You can be sure that your needs will be attended to anytime of the day, where ever you are.

Furthermore, if for whatever reason, you decide to leave the G Suite platform, your emails can be exported in the mbox format for easy data migration.


Rarely, should there be any problems as G Suite offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services. And G Suite has no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows.


G Suite Basic tier starts from just USD$5 / user / month or $50 / user / year (pre tax). Business tier with unlimited storage is at USD$10 / user / month.

Coupon and Discount Codes

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Conclusion and Gmail Alternatives

Small businesses with limited budgets could go for a Web Hosting Plan or Business Email Hosting for a start. Such plans are usually quite adequate for Small Businesses in Singapore. If you prefer a Web/Email Hosting and Web Design Package, or you need some help setting up G suite, feel free to contact us for a bespoke package.