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Web Design Agency Singapore

eadc is a Design Agency in Singapore specializing in Web Design and Development Services.
Founded in 1999, eadc have been consistently providing Design Services for established brands, small businesses businesses and Entrepreneurs alike. 

With competencies in Design and programming, eadc aims to provide functional and beautiful website designs for customers with the latest design trends and built with the latest technologies and web standards. 

Currently located at 42 Ean Kiam Place, eadc consists of a small agile team of experienced Designers, Web Developers and Web Developers. Other than working with clients direct, eadc also works extensively with Advertising Agencies.

From Notepad to Flash and Back Again


As our team is made up of mostly Generation X, we pretty much witnessed and marveled at technological revolutions especially in the info communication industry.  

It was a mere 20 odd years ago in 1998 that the internet was first made available to Singaporean homes and companies at a large scale.  And the internet was already thriving with activity. This was when we were first exposed to Web Design.

In those days, we used a text editor called Notepad to manually code every line of a website. Then came Netscape Navigator Gold, which allows one to design visually. In the years that followed, we designed websites with Dreamweaver and Interactive sites with Flash.

However, Flash technology went away with the introduction of Mobile Devices. Today, we have gotten full circle, as all developers do, back to the trusty ol’ text editor (a more advanced version of course).

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